Dr. Nolan is a statistician, author, and consultant.  He is a member of Associates in Process Improvement, a consulting firm that specializes in the improvement of quality and productivity. He is also a Senior Fellow and member of the executive team of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Over the past twenty years, he has assisted organizations in many different industries in the United States, Canada, and Europe including chemical and automotive manufacturing, distribution, health care, and social services. Among his clients is a recipient of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

Clifford L. Norman is a consultant with Associates in Process Improvement (API). API develops methods and provides consulting, education and training to help organizations improve the value of their products and services.

With an education in statistics, Lloyd works as an advisor to organizations, helping them make improvements in their products and services and increase their capacity to continually learn and improve. His experience includes consulting in planning, management systems, measurement, planned experimentation, and other methods for improvement of quality and productivity.

Jerry Langley is a statistician, author, and consultant. In his role with Associates in Process Improvement (API), Jerry helps the management teams of many organizations integrate quality into their business strategies. In addition, he guides teams and individuals in making changes that result in improvement. Clients include companies in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, electronics, automotive, financial, food, construction, and chemical/energy industries. Before joining API in 1985, Jerry worked as Statistical Services Manager for a Colorado division of Hewlett-Packard.