Learning Objectives

Learn from Each Other

Everyone here has substantial knowledge of the topics being discussed. Your participation will contribute greatly to the value of this Network. Everybody learns, everybody teaches.

SWQN creates a learning environment.  Members are expected to contribute to learning and should:

  • Advocate their ideas, approaches, and personal learning experiences.
  • Provide data, information, or theory to support their ideas.
  • Explain why their data, information or theories support their advocated idea.
  • Invite inquiry from fellow SWQN collaborators about the quality of their advocacy, data, and explanations.

We must be able to examine our thinking, strategies and methods. A spirit of inquiry and reflection should be part of our communication.

Share Successes, Obstacles and Failures

Improvement requires great effort. The journey is filled with learning from success and failure. Failure is a natural part of making improvements. Describe the journey and help others learn from the roadblock, failure and successes.

No sales pitches. Just the journey and the results.

Create Networks of Communication

Get to know each other. Gaining information and help from people actually causing quality to become a business strategy can be a great resource for your own organization.

The purpose of this Network is not to grow as an organization, but to learn from all sections of society.